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  • 4-Safety

  • The 4-Safety program is a partnership between Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Dunkin’ Donuts, that seeks to control injuries in children and young adults throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. 4-Safety raises awareness and educates families about ways they can reduce their risk of experiencing an injury and live healthier, safer lives.

    Injuries are a significant public health concern and are a leading cause of death across all 50 states. Injuries can result in significant pain and disability and often require a vast amount of health care resources to treat. Like other diseases, injuries can be prevented and controlled.

    4-Safety hosts events, which focus on a different injury topic each season. Safety topics are chosen based on hospital injury data and community data. Our staff visits each event in the 4-Safety van, which contains a wide screen TV, interactive computer tablets, a sound system and giveaways.

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    Fall 2016: Wheeled Sports Safety

    Did You Know?

    • Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of severe brain injury by up to 88%. 
      (Source: Safe Kids Worldwide)
    • Every $12 spent on bike helmets for children generates $580 in cost-saving benefits to society. 
      (Source: Safe Kids Worldwide)
    • Foot-powered scooters cause more injuries to kids than any other toy. 
      (Source: Safe Kids Worldwide)
    • You can wear a bike helmet for roller blading and with scooters, but make sure you wear a skateboarding approved helmet when skateboarding. 
      (Source: Rhode Island Hospital)
    • Every 2 minutes a child is treated in an emergency department for a bike-related accident. 
      (Source: National Safety council)
    • Wrist injuries are most common in skateboarding due to frequent falling. 
      (Source: National Safety Council)
    • You can tell roller blades are supportive enough when you can't squeeze the hard plastic with your hand.
      (Source: National Safety Council)

    Learn more about wheeled sports safety.