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    The Brite Lite employee recognition program was launched in 2002, and highlights five employees who have gone above and beyond their everyday duties to make the patients and families with whom they come into contact feel safe, important, and well cared for. Brite Lites are selected as those who best exemplify “the four Cs” at Hasbro Children’s Hospital: caring, communication, cooperation and competence.

    Congratulations to Our 2014 Brite Lites:


    Suany Almonte, RN


    Sandra Burnock, RN


    Monica Hanley,RN 


    Jeffrey Riese, MD


    Ariel Twomey, CCLS

    Hear what patients and their families have to say about Hasbro Children's Hospital's 2014 Brite Lites.

    Suany Almonte, BSN, RN
    Hasbro 4th Floor Registered Nurse

    "Suany was my nurse when I first entered the hospital and she took such time and care in helping my mom and I both adjust and be comfortable on that first chaotic night. Suany came and visited me every day on her breaks even when she wasn’t my assigned nurse and brightened the room whenever she came in. She always took the time to make sure that my family and I were taken care of and always had us all smiling and laughing by the time that she left. She really is a special nurse who gives 100% to her patients and made my stay at Hasbro much brighter with her laughter, sincerity, and care."

    Sandra Burnock, BSN, RN
    Hasbro 5th Floor Registered Nurse

    "Sandra was absolutely wonderful to my daughter and I in the middle of the night when my daughter was in excruciating pain. Secondary to her being diagnosed with C.diff, she developed a urinary tract infection which caused frank red blood in her urine. Sandra and Dr. Hand immediately obtained urine specimens and initiated the processing of treating her UTI promptly. Sandra was able to calm myself and my daughter down and control Leah’s pain. She listed to me as a mother, and advocated for my daughter. She was so compassionate and caring with daughter. Not just by administering medication but by sitting with her at her bedside and watching TV with her to distract her so that I could take a walk and “regroup”. Nurses like her, as well as the other amazing nurse son the unit will always have a special place in our hearts for the excellent care we ALL received as a family as a whole. Thank you so much again for your amazing care."

    Monica Hanley, BSN, RN
    Hasbro 6th Floor Registered Nurse

    "My daughter was admitted to Hasbro Children’s Hospital as one of Doctor Eberson’s patients, she was having a spinal fusion done with her hardware for her L5 S1. After surgery my daughter was in a great deal of pain and discomfort. Monica went out of her way to make sure Gracie was as comfortable as possible. Along with her gentle demeanor Monica has such a compassionate way about her. She made sure that my daughter knew that she was doing everything she could to help her relax. She hugged my daughter, wiped her tears and rubbed her back. She told Gracie stories to help her forget about the pain if only for a few minutes. I can’t really explain how wonderful Monica was with Gracie. As a mom I tried to keep it together even though I was so sad inside for my daughter. Monica had an uncanny ability to sense when I was feeling upset and needed a good cry even though I thought I was hiding my emotions rather well. She brought me water and offered me comforting words she even gave me a hug and assure me that it was ok to cry and that it’s a very hard thing to see your child suffer. She asked me if I needed a walk that Gracie would be find with her. She let me know if was ok to leave Gracie for a moment to realize by tears (without my daughter seeing me) and go breath in a place that didn’t have buzzers for alarms or the faint sounds of a child crying.  

    "She always made sure that Gracie was turned ever so gently during the first few days after surgery and always placed the pillows properly so Gracie was in the best position for her comfort. One time I was trying to help Gracie with pillow placement and Gracie said to me “mom just forget it, Monica is the only one that really knows how to keep me comfortable” in walks Monica and Gracie asks her to help position her properly. Monica without a bat of an eyelash says mom let me show you how Gracie likes to lay. Way over on her hip like this. It’s care and concern like that that makes for an excellent nurse.  

    "Unfortunately after we were discharged Gracie came down with an infection and was re-admitted and had to undergo another surgery just as painful as the first. Without fail, Monica was there making sure Gracie was being brave and letting her know she would be there for whatever she needed! I understand Monica is a Wonderful nurse but she has skills that supersede just nursing, she is a mom and wife so she truly gets how to comfort little ones. She has a bubbly disposition no matter what the task is she is undertaking! My daughter is very very modest and didn’t want to give up her bathroom privacy. Monica ever so gently helped Gracie get over the embarrassment of asking for help when it came to using the bathroom. Monica never made us feel like we were holding her up or taking to long. We are truly blessed to have been touched by Monica, her care, compassion and kindness will never be forgotten.  

    "My daughter was actually sad the day we left because she wanted to say goodbye to her two most favorite nurses Monica and Pam. We hope to visit soon when Gracie is feeling better to express just how much her love and care meant to us! Monica is for sure a Brite Lite! And should be acknowledged for all her hard work at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Without her care I’m not sure Gracie would have adapted so well after her surgeries. In our book Monica is an angel on earth and an absolute asset to the children of Hasbro." 

    Jeffrey Riese, MD
    Pediatric Hospitalist

    "I wish more doctors had the approach of Dr. Riese. When he could not determine the cause of my son’s issues beyond a reasonable doubt, he took the time to explain each blood test and culture, why they were done, and what those test helped to rule out as a cause. When he recommended NOT performing additional tests or switching antibiotics, he took the time to explain HIS reasons why, and he always asked if we had any other questions or wanted anything else explained. His employment of humor to describe my sons issue and the number of people trying to determine what might be causing it was awesome. During a 5 night stay at the hospital, it was certainly comforting to know that Dr. Riese always had our son on the brain. His approach always made my wife and I laugh, and maybe even our son crack a smile. He absolutely made a difficult and troubling situation significantly easier to tolerate and understand."

    Ariel Twomey, CCLS
    Hasbro Emergency Department

    "I cannot thank the staff at the Hasbro Emergency Room enough for all of the love and support during my son’s visit. Ariel, especially, was a warming smile throughout the entire ordeal. Shawn was extremely brave during his IV because of the time that Ariel took to show him all of the steps and letting him play with the iPad. He made a new “friend” that he asked for many times throughout the night. She also when the extra mile to help a single mother deal with the exhaustion that goes along with having a sick child. Her willingness to take the extra step to ensure the health and well being of my son, as well as myself, was heart-warming. Shaw insisted on finding Ariel before we left to give her a hug and say thank you! As we walked out of the ER (many hour later but thankfully feeling MUCH better), Shawn’s words to me were 'Mommy, I really liked it here. Everyone was really nice! And they even get your car for you!'”