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  • Are Your Kids Not Getting the ZZZs They Need?

  • The Pediatric Sleep Program at Hasbro Children's Hospital has expanded its range of services with the opening of a new sleep disorders laboratory on the hospital's sixth floor. With this addition, the program now offers comprehensive sleep services for children, including consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

    The new sleep laboratory facility in Hasbro Children's Hospital was developed to allow for the study of very young children and children with significant medical illnesses. Previously, children who required extensive sleep services had to travel to Boston for this level of care. Providing these services in Providence allows families to be closer to home and provides greater comfort by being in an environment they already know.

    "Our expanded Pediatric Sleep Program allows a more diverse pool of patients to be diagnosed and treated at Hasbro Children's Hospital. We are now able to provide full-service, family-centered care to children and adolescents of all ages." Robert Klein, M.D., Hasbro Children's Hospital pediatrician-in-chief. "And, we are able to provide care close to home, which makes it more convenient for families."

    This state-of-the-art lab will accommodate up to six studies per week and has the capability to expand in the future. Sleep studies on older children will continue to be performed in the Rhode Island Hospital sleep center located at 70 Catamore Boulevard in East Providence and at Newport Hospital to allow families several options for routine sleep studies closer to home.

    The Pediatric Sleep Program at Hasbro Children's Hospital is run jointly by Richard Millman, M.D. and Julie Boergers, Ph.D. The lab's nighttime studies are conducted by registered polysomnographic sleep technologists who specialize in adolescent and pediatric studies. The pediatric nursing staff on site allows the lab to provide care to children of all ages, including those under the age of two, children who are very ill, and those with autism or developmental disabilities. Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, complex pulmonary disorders, abnormal movements during sleep, unexplained sleepiness, narcolepsy, and insomnia with multiple awakenings can be assessed and treated. The new sleep lab can also accommodate patients from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit by offering a portable unit to those who are unable to visit the sleep center.

    In addition to the new overnight sleep laboratory at Hasbro Children's Hospital, the Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic in Rhode Island Hospital's George Building has expanded its capability to evaluate and treat more babies, children and adolescents. Using a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that is unique to this region, the clinic treats the full spectrum of pediatric sleep problems, including behavioral sleep problems, night terrors, sleepwalking, insomnia, and delayed sleep phase syndrome.

    For more information, please contact the Pediatric Sleep Program at Hasbro Children's Hospital at 401-444-1614 or visit