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  • Child Life Services

  • Child Life Services

    Karen Swartz, CCLS, CEIM, a Child Life specialist at Hasbro Children's Hospital, in Providence, RI, discusses the role she and 14 other Child Life specialists have in a child's hospital experience.


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    Providing pediatric patients and their families with a sense of normalcy during hospitalization.

    The hospital experience for an infant, child or adolescent can be overwhelming. The child life specialists at Hasbro Children's Hospital are here to support children and families through this experience by responding to their psychosocial, developmental and educational needs. Hasbro Children's Hospital offers the Child Life services with a patient and family centered care focus. Child Life services is located throughout the hospital, including the pediatric intensive care unit, emergency department, surgical services, various outpatient clinics and inpatient units.

    Services that Child life specialists provide during hospital visits can include:

    • Providing developmentally appropriate play opportunities, including medical play.
    • Preparation for tests, procedures, and/or surgery through the use of developmentally appropriate medical play and teaching materials.
    • Supporting patients and families during healthcare events by providing emotional support and/or distraction.
    • Offering choices to pediatric patients, which enable them to make decisions, concentrate on play, enhance their natural creativity, and master new skills, which enhance coping.
    • Helping pediatric patients maintain a sense of independence, self-esteem, and control.