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  • Neonatology at Women and Infants' Hospital

  • babyPediatricians from Hasbro Children's Hospital collaborate with Women & Infants' Hospital to provide neonatology care. At the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Women & Infants' Hospital of Rhode Island, the division cares for infants at an extremely low birth weight, premature infants and children with medical and surgical problems who require newborn intensive care.

    There are fifteen board certified neonatologists in our division. Our neonatology intensive care unit team includes neonatologists and pediatric specialists from Hasbro Children's Hospital, nurse practitioners and advanced trainees in neonatology. All newborns needing surgery are operated on by board-certified pediatric surgeons and anesthesiologists from Hasbro Children's Hospital.

    In all of our units, we strive to provide family-centered care, viewing parents as partners. We also have an infant follow-up program for long term care of children with special health care needs. This program is available to, and used widely by, community pediatricians for consultative services, formal developmental evaluation and early intervention.

    For more information about neonatology services, please call Women & Infants' Hospital at 401-274-1122 or visit them online at