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  • Palliative Care

  • Palliative CareThe Pediatric Palliative Care Program at Hasbro Children's Hospital provides comfort and helps meet the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of children with limiting or life-threatening illnesses. We are dedicated to providing a compassionate, comprehensive, and coordinated blend of services that support both curative and comfortable care, while preserving dignity and quality of life for our patients and their families.

    The program model is an expansion of another program at Hasbro Children's Hospital, the Max All Star Kids program.

    Program Goals

    • Provide a family-centered approach to improving the quality of life of the child and family by caring for physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs
    • Collaborate with the primary care team to develop a comprehensive plan of care, that combines palliative care with other treatment options that are desired by the child and family
    • Facilitate communication among the child, family and primary care team
    • Assist child and family with decision making that best reflects their values and beliefs
    • Support early recognition and management of pain and distressing symptoms


    • Inpatient consultative services
    • Symptom management
    • Education

    More Information

    For more information about the Pediatric Palliative Care Program please call the palliative care office at 401-444-8911.

    Palliative care at Rhode Island Hospital