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  • Hasbro Children's Hospital Parenting Guide: Reading Tips for Parents

  • 2 Years Old

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    Even young children enjoy books and learn from sharing books with adults.

    What to expect

    At age 2, children can:

    • Choose a book to share.
    • Enjoy sharing the same book over and over and over again.
    • Repeat some of the words and phrases you say or read.
    • Ask you questions, such as,"What's that?"
    • Enjoy a trip to your local public library for "story time" or to borrow some books.

    What you can do

    • Find a quiet, comfortable place for book sharing.
    • Use book sharing as a way to calm and comfort your child.
    • Start a conversation by repeating an important word your child has just said. For example, you could say: "Balloon. Lots of balloons. The girl has lots of balloons." Then wait for your child to say something more.
    • Count pictures and wait for your child to repeat the numbers after you.
    • Respond with enthusiasm to your child's questions and comments.

    The information in this guide is provided by the Read To Me Program at Hasbro Children's Hospital.