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  • Hasbro Children's Hospital Parenting Guide: Reading Tips for Parents

  • Hasbro Children's Hospital Parenting Guide:Reading Tips for Parents

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    Even babies and young children enjoy books and learn from sharing books with adults. Make it part of your regular bedtime routine to turn off the TV for a few minutes and share books.

    Reading to kids has many benefits

    Some benefits of reading to babies and young children:

    • Sharing books with babies and young children can help them learn to talk and improve language skills.
    • Sharing books can help young children get ready to listen and learn in school.
    • Regular bedtime routines started with babies and young children help prevent future bedtime struggles.
    • Teaching children how to fall asleep alone by putting them in bed when they are still awake helps prevent them from waking up in the night.

    In this guide

    Age-specific tips for reading to your child:

    The information in this guide is provided by the Read To Me Program at Hasbro Children's Hospital.