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    For more information please contact us at 401-444-8340.

    Meet the Community Asthma Program Team

    Hasbro Children's Hospital leads community-wide asthma education, management, support and advocacy projects designed to improve the health and quality of life of children with asthma.

    Our programs all share a common goal: to assist families in developing the knowledge, motivation and skills to advocate for their children's health and successfully manage asthma.

    Community Asthma Programs is the community education arm of the Respiratory and Immunology Center.

    Our programs include:

    • CVS/pharmacy Draw A Breath Program (DAB)
      Provides group-based learning opportunities for families with asthma. Classes are held Tuesday evenings at Hasbro Children's Hospital and are offered in English and Spanish. More than 300 families participate in the program each year.

    • Providence School Asthma Partnership
      Provides targeted outreach and education for families with children enrolled in public elementary schools in Providence. Classes for parents and children are held in a different school throughout the school year. The partnership also aims to increase awareness among school staff.

    • Asthma Camp
      Provides children with asthma the opportunity to participate in a weeklong summer camp.

    • Hispanic Asthma Support Group for Parents
      Provides on-going opportunities for families to deepen their knowledge of asthma and support each other in taking action to control asthma.

    • Asthma School Lunch Program and the Emergency Room Diversion Program
      With funding from the RI Department of Health, small, group-based classes are provided throughout elementary schools during the school day. A home-based, environmental educational program designed to decrease emergency department use is currently being developed and implemented.

    • Community Outreach and Training
      We participate in community fairs, trainings and events to raise awareness of asthma and its treatment.