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  • What to Expect

  • What to ExpectWhen parents and patients walk through the center's doors, they enter an "underwater world." Tranquil shades of blue and green and images of the ocean help put patients' minds at ease.

    Three dolphins decorate the floor of the lobby, which features child- and teen-size activity tables where child life specialists will lead patients of all ages in arts and crafts projects while they wait. Parents are welcome to join their child at the activity table or wait in the quieter sitting area.

    Also located in the lobby are two registration desks and a processing station, allowing for quick and easy patient registration, as well as a private interview room where billing matters may be discussed discreetly.

    After a brief wait, younger patients are taken to one of three exam rooms to change their clothes and receive sedation services; older patients typically do not need sedation so they go to a changing room. Parents may stay with their children in both the changing and exam rooms.