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  • NurseNurses at Hasbro Children's Hospital practice by the philosophy that they helped to create: excellence of caring. They are proud of the honesty, respect and fairness that they provide to each child and family, and they are equally as proud of the building they helped to create. Working together with the architects, nurses provided key insight into designing a state-of-the-art hospital.

    More than 200 nurses work exclusively in pediatrics. The majority of nurses work on the inpatient care floors, which are divided by age group. This allows the nurses on each unit to become very familiar with the specific needs each group requires. 

    NursesNurses on the patient care floors are dedicated to the children they treat. Expertise in pediatrics is evidenced in the number of nurses who successfully complete advanced education and certification. Certification in pediatrics, oncology and emergency medicine are just a few of the various merits attained by Hasbro Children's highly motivated staff.

    Working together to create a family-centered environment, and value and acceptance of diversity in culture and heritage, Hasbro Children's nurses create an environment "surrounded by caring."

    Adult nursing services