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  • Hasbro Children's Hospital Parents' Guide: Relieving Your Child's Pain

  • Pain Management

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    What is Pain?
    Pain is a feeling of physical discomfort from an injury or disease and usually lasts until the injury heals. Reaction to pain is a personal experience. Each child's response is different. Pain from a prolonged illness may not go away. Our staff works with children and their families to manage this pain.

    Your child's doctors, nurses and other caregivers understand that a hospital stay can be a very difficult and stressful time for you and your family. Our goal is to help your child return to the best possible health with minimal discomfort and pain.

    About pain management
    Helping us understand your child's pain
    Measuring pain in children
    Relieving your child's pain
    Pain management myths

    Pain medication
    Frequency of doses
    Side effects
    Ways medicine is given

    We believe children should have access to the best levels of pain relief that can safely be given. That is why our staff includes pain management experts trained to ease your child's pain.

    We hope this guide answers your questions about how we treat your child's pain. If you have any additional questions, we urge you to share them with our staff, who are working together to make your child well.

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